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A Wicked Way to Share YOUR Soundtrack for an Unusual Musical

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Welcome to Unusually Wicked, a Wicked Mix Tape/Soundtrack community.

Our idea is based on the community fanmix but with a wicked little twist... We're not just looking for any mix for any fandom, these are specifically WICKED (The Musical, The Book, or even Wizard of Oz) Mix Tapes/Soundtracks.

We will have semi-strict rules and guidelines and your moderators will keep an eye on all activity in here. Should anything happen to this community, fanmix comes highly reccomended as two of our three mods are members.

Mods: elekanahmen, sidewayslove, _singtothesky

Rules, because Wicked communities without rules get drama that no one wants:
1) No Direct Linking. All music should be uploaded to your own server or a free server such as YouSendIt.com
2) Please put all graphics behind LJ-cuts. If you do not know how to do one, please visit the LJ FAQ section on them and learn how.
3) The guidelines are posted for a reason. If your posts do not follow them, they'll either get deleted or just make the mods really pissy.
4) This community is friends-only. If you friend it but don't join, you miss out on all the fun, so join and friend. The friends lock is there for a reason, we won't lift it.
5) Please remember that LJ is for people 13 and up. If you're going to make any of your graphics for your mix R-rated, please keep it behind a cut.
6) If you don't follow the rules I'll make Anthony a mod and he'll kick all your asses.
7) Be nice. You don't have to censor what you say, just make sure that you're not an asshole or you'll have your posting priveleges revoked temporarily.
8) Keep community promotions to a minimum and they must be Wicked related or related to a cast member, past or present.
9) No drama. If you start drama, you'll probably get kicked out... nice Wicked communities are good, drama filled communities suck. Drama is meant for the stage not LJ.

Posting Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines for posting! This will make finding a certain mix you like easier to find, keep from overly clogging friends' pages, and just make things easier for all of us. And remember, above all else, don't piss elekanahmen off because Kimmie and Heather can only hold her back so long.

1. The subject line. Please have the subject line go like this: Version - Subject - Title, for instance: Bookverse - Elphaba/Galinda - Unadulterated Passion. I dunno if we'll index them like fanmix does, but for easy reference, this helps.

2. If it's an EP (Extended Play, ie. not an LP or full album) mark it. An EP constitutes between 2-8 songs.

3. Check your MP3s before you upload them. Make sure they aren't right protected (iTunes) and that the Artist and Title information are in the file already. There's nothing more annoying than having an Artistless song.

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Fonts: Dafont.com, 1001fonts.com
Graphic Software: Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Music Sharing: teh_music, WinMX, LimeWire

CD Rippers: Audiograbber, iTunes
Music Converters: ImToo Converter, iTunes
Music Players: Winamp, iTunes
Compressing Programs: WinZip (PC) StuffIt (Mac)

Graphic Storage: Photobucket.com - Notice: This service is finicky and sometimes it does not work for everyone. WebShots
Music Storage: YouSendIt.com - Notice: They only keep files up for 25 downloads or a certain period of time. Make sure that you specify if your downloads can run out. SendThisFile.com